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Support for employment

Employment support consists of a series of possible interventions aimed at supporting neurodiverse employees in their professional environment. These interventions are based on the attributes of each person and focused on meeting their needs. These interventions can include, amongst other things, the following actions:

  • Identification of a respondent in the company team

  • Preparation for the selection interview, both for interviewers and candidates

  • Support by the coach during the interview and the other selection stages

  • Raising awareness of the work environment before taking up the post

  • Visit of the workplace with the chosen person

  • Presence of the accompanying person on the day of taking up the post

  • Regular follow-up meetings and continuous feedback for consultants, remotely or on site

  • Regular and ad hoc communications with the respondent

  • Creation and implementation of monitoring and support tools

  • Monitoring of performance objectives

  • Collaboration with the various actors who work with the consultant, in a systemic approach

  • Adjustment of the frequency of the accompaniment as needed

Support is available throughout the presence of the consultant within the client team. The staff of the Neuro Plus support team can be reached at any time during the mission, without having to wait for the next follow-up appointment.

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