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A unique opportunity to combine neurodiversity

(autism / Asperger syndrome, high potential, attention deficit disorder ...)

and high-level professional services, with the social vision of the company.



Neuro Plus offers the following services:

  • Professional consulting services from its neurodiverse workforce in carrying out projects of its client in various sectors including finance, information technologies, graphics and accounting;

  • Support for employment (Career Coaching);

  • General consulting services related to diversity and inclusion in businesses.


Neuro Plus' social mission is to create quality jobs for people that are neurodiverse including autism. We are continually recruiting new consultants, regardless of their level of experience, in the following areas: business and commerce, information technology, accounting and graphics.

Neuro Plus is committed to enabling its extraordinary neurodiverse consultants to fully utilize their cognitive strengths and creativity.


We focus our efforts on supporting and developing an adapted professional environment that enhances the skills of our employees and provides high quality professional services to our partner-clients.

Several companies, large and small, have understood the benefits of making the leap to inclusion and neurodiversity, and the results speak for themselves. Having such turnkey services, offered to companies and consultants alike, does break down barriers to inclusion and achieves remarkable professional results.


Opening the doors to neurodiversity in businesses, is to be one step ahead!

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